Gin Geometrie Domenis Cividât
Gin Geometrie Domenis Cividât

Gin Geometrie Domenis Cividât

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Produced from the distillation of selected raw materials – cereals and juniper berries – and from the maceration of botanicals, a mixture of herbs, spices, plants and roots, in quality alcohol with an interesting contribution of different citrus fruits. The result is a citrus and floral gin, very full in aroma and color.

Consistent the presence of juniper which, however, for the good combination with the other essences, is not intrusive. The resulting scent is delicate, ethereal and blends well with the taste; The organoleptic-gustatory characteristics are heterogeneous and make it a product suitable above all for tasting in purity while lending itself very well to mixing.


Alcohol: 40%

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